Monday, October 6, 2008

First blog

well I'm happy to say that Jen and I are joining the band wagon with our new RENISSANCE blog. Hopefully we will be pretty regular with pictures and updates.
Right now we are both just living life. I, Joseph, am working part time and going to school full time. Jeni is Substituting part time as well as tutoring part time as well as cooking
for 10 people part time. Jen has become excited about healthy living and i am trying to keep up. She works out regularly and makes her brownies with applesauce. I am surprised to say it tastes good, not that I'm surprised her cooking is good, I knew that, but that you can cut out oil, fats and calories and still make yummy meals. She is a great chef and has expanded her cook book repertoire from beef tacos and enchiladas to a plethora of different exotic flavors and dishes. (she makes me a happy man)
I am studying psychology/neuroscience and will be attending USF this coming winter. Jen has applied for a great job as an advisor and will hopefully receive it. She is also enrolled in the EPI program at Polk, when she finishes she will have a professional teaching certificate alongside her Behavioral science degree. We are truly being blessed and can see the lords hand in our life.


reni fam said...

This is cool guys, keep it up so we can see what you guys are up too.