Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can Jen come out and play?

I highly recommend going to a park and acting child-like.  Once you get past the embarrassment of people looking at you weird, there is nothing more freeing and rejuvenating. Nietzche was right, "In every real (wo)man a child is hidden that wants to play."


You belong among the wildflowers

We found these picture perfect wild flowers in a field by my moms house. Unfortunately, my picture taking isn't picture perfect.  They don't justify how bright and beautiful they were, but they do show how bright and beautiful my babies are!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Miko: Beautiful child

Oh were to begin? How about with the most important and precious. All of you, the whole couple loyal friends who check this, already know I had my baby Miko Fedora. Her delivery was perfect! I went in about 12:30am November 16 having little contractions and by 10am, I was ready to push. I am a wimp and got an epidural at about 7am so I did endure some pretty good contractions before the numbing. With Emory I also had an epidural and never had any sensation to push. So with this labor I was expecting the same thing. My parents and I were chatting when all of a sudden I felt ALOT of pressure. I told the nurse, who had just checked me minutes before and was only 4 cm, that I thought something was happening and was nauseous. She checked me again and I was 10cm! It took the doctor about 10 minutes to get to the hospital. I immediately started pushing and boom, Miko popped out on the third push! This too was totally an opposite experience from Emory's delivery; I pushed over two hours with him to only have him vacuumed out ;( We were able to leave the hospital the very next morning, which is a day early, because we both were doing so well!

Miko was a healthy 7lbs 2 oz, and 19 inches though she looked so bony and skinny. I couldn't dream of a more perfect baby. She had no problems breastfeeding and gained weight alittle too fast.She doubled her birth weight by 2 months! She is so content, calm, and happy. She doesn't cry much, sleeps great, and is so beautiful. And Emory, oh my, has loved her from the first minute he met her and has shown almost no jealousy or contention towards her. I don't mean to brag but I have some awesome children. 

I'm at my mom's right now so I dont have all my pictures but here are a few that she has.

                                                              Her Happy Birthday
                                                               One week old
                                          She is pretty bold on top but has dark hair in the back

                                          She already has two teeth at only 4 months

                                              I'm in love her dark blue eyes

Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Fall Festivities

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a little update on our little family.

First, baby girl Miko (that's what we call her but not 100% certain that will be her name) should be arriving in the next three weeks! We are super excited for her to come on out and meet us and to meet her :) I think Emory kinda understands what is going on but I cannot wait to see his reaction once they are face to face. Here is me and my HUGE belly.
One cute thing Emo has learned is using his imagination and making up stories about the hulk and iron man and chang changs (swords). He is really creative and comes up with some good stuff for just turning two. Here is a video of him telling one of his stories...

My aunt took some adorable family/maternity pics of us a few weeks ago. If you know Emory, you know he is always in character, either Iron Man or Hulk. The first half of the pictures Emory was Iron Man and refused to be my little precious boy. But we finally talked him into cooperating a little and got a few adorable pics.

He have had fun celebrating Halloween. We went to Micheals and Emory pained a pumpkin, then we carved an Iron Man pumkin, went to our wards trunk or treat, then to Oviedo's Fall Carnival, and tomorrow we are going to a Pumpkin and Munchkin Celebration at Spooky Park!!  Oh we also made some yummy mummy cupcakes, TWICE! This year my mom found Emory a Sock Monkey costume and he pretty much is the cutest monkey ever! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sewing projects

Joe and I got into a mood of making our baby girl some shoes. They turned out really cute in my opinion! Check them out

We even did fancy edging~

And stitched her name

Joe hard at work!

Here is a valance I made for the living/dinging roon

And a curtain for the baby's room

Potty Training delights

Emory turned two a couple of weeks ago so I got the crazy, or what I thought was crazy, idea that it was time to potty train. Emo is a champ at it. I thought it was going to be torture but so far SO GOOD! I decided to take the approach of all or nothing. Out with the diapers, no pull ups during the day or night, just big boy super hero underwear. The first day he only had one accident, which has become his average. We have only been training for 5 days but man is he a champ. When he does pee his pants he comes to me and says "sorry" in the sweetest voice possible. So far he hasn't wet the bed at all during the night. I've got a good kid. Period.

 This is Emo chill'n on his potty eating some yogurt :)

On another cute note, the other morning I found Emo sharing his Cookie Crisps with Evil Doctor Pork-chop.

Family Photos

For Emory's birthday my Aunt Cindy volunteered to take some family photos. I love them. I owe her, Nat, and Lauren a HUGE thank you because it was at least 100 degrees with a bright and sunny sky that day. Also Emory was a trooper through the whole shoot. Here are a few of my favorites. When I say few I really mean lots. Im  a very indecisive person so all of them are my favorite :)