Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Fall Festivities

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a little update on our little family.

First, baby girl Miko (that's what we call her but not 100% certain that will be her name) should be arriving in the next three weeks! We are super excited for her to come on out and meet us and to meet her :) I think Emory kinda understands what is going on but I cannot wait to see his reaction once they are face to face. Here is me and my HUGE belly.
One cute thing Emo has learned is using his imagination and making up stories about the hulk and iron man and chang changs (swords). He is really creative and comes up with some good stuff for just turning two. Here is a video of him telling one of his stories...

My aunt took some adorable family/maternity pics of us a few weeks ago. If you know Emory, you know he is always in character, either Iron Man or Hulk. The first half of the pictures Emory was Iron Man and refused to be my little precious boy. But we finally talked him into cooperating a little and got a few adorable pics.

He have had fun celebrating Halloween. We went to Micheals and Emory pained a pumpkin, then we carved an Iron Man pumkin, went to our wards trunk or treat, then to Oviedo's Fall Carnival, and tomorrow we are going to a Pumpkin and Munchkin Celebration at Spooky Park!!  Oh we also made some yummy mummy cupcakes, TWICE! This year my mom found Emory a Sock Monkey costume and he pretty much is the cutest monkey ever! 



i LOVE his costume!! and your belly.=) i knew it was miko!! i could not remember for the life of me on my comment. urgh! anyway, God bless miko.;) (get it? sound of music, "God bless kurt.";)) love you and your most adorables!!