Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Potty Training delights

Emory turned two a couple of weeks ago so I got the crazy, or what I thought was crazy, idea that it was time to potty train. Emo is a champ at it. I thought it was going to be torture but so far SO GOOD! I decided to take the approach of all or nothing. Out with the diapers, no pull ups during the day or night, just big boy super hero underwear. The first day he only had one accident, which has become his average. We have only been training for 5 days but man is he a champ. When he does pee his pants he comes to me and says "sorry" in the sweetest voice possible. So far he hasn't wet the bed at all during the night. I've got a good kid. Period.

 This is Emo chill'n on his potty eating some yogurt :)

On another cute note, the other morning I found Emo sharing his Cookie Crisps with Evil Doctor Pork-chop.