Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hooray i'm sick.

So everyone has been getting sick, except me. I thought maybe i had some secret don't get sick power, or that maybe i was a vampire like Edward. but sure enough i have no secret powers and i am not Edward. It's nothing to be ashamed of I'm sure. Jenny has fallen to the dark side and began reading Twilight yesterday, mostly because he loved the movie-- she is a sucker for romance. she loved the "shall i bite you now" scene. other then that not too much else going on. Jen and I are living the dream... if someone is dreaming about our lives- that is. But i love her guts, and she loves mine, i suppose, wait, let me ask----yep, she loves my guts. excepts not in the way that vampires love guts, not so much. more in the "i love you" way. Jen also loves watching Dawson creek, if Dawson was a vampire i think the stories would be a bt more interesting, "Dawson, Dawson, JOEY IS MISSING!" pacey exclaims as tears flow down his face. " i know, i know" Dawson replies as his lips drool blood. "I ate her"
But alas it is not in fact the same conversation usually goes
"Dawson, Dawson, I miss Joey!" pacey exclaims as tears flow down his face. " I know, I know" Dawson replies as tears flow down his face.
But the truth is i like jen, and i like sitting next to jen, and so i watch dawsons creek, the oc, the hills, bringing home baby, snapped repeats, and sometimes 90210. oh boy if that says nothing else it should say i love that girl.