Friday, May 28, 2010

True Story

So we live on the second floor of our apartment building. There is a super steep flight of stairs that lead to our apartment. We have a baby gate but you know sometimes we may forget to close it. Not very often though. thank goodness. The other day I was sick laying on the floor, Joe was sitting on the couch and Emory was playing, crawling all over the place. Usually when i see him going towards the stairs I pull him back, trying to teach him to stay away from that area. Being that i was sick I was reacting a bit slow to everything. I noticed Emory crawling towards the stairs but failed to look to make sure the gate was closed. Finally i flipped around and saw Emory seconds away from falling to his death, the gate was not closed!!!! I jumped up and flew about 5 feet and then skid on the carpet about another three feet. Luckily, Emory did not fall or get hurt. However, my shoulder got about a 500 degree carpet burn. It hurts. It's painful. Moral to the story, shut baby gates keeps baby and parents safe!

here are those deadly stairs