Thursday, July 22, 2010

blog addiction

ok. so ive noticed that i waste so much time looking at blogs. Now, i dont consider looking at blogs of people that I really know and like as wasting time. Lately I will look at blogs of people i maybe have met once. It just seems like one blog will lead to another blog and before I know it I have spent an hour looking at lives of people I don't really know. Im telling you, i will look at 30 blogs a day of strangers. Im so frustrated with myself. i think i like looking at peoples babies and families.Babies are cute to look at but i've got so many other things i could be doing. I am blog restricting myself! From now on only one day a week will i look at meaningless blogs of people with cute babies. However, I will continue looking at blogs of people I know. Its my way of seeming like I have a social life :)