Thursday, July 15, 2010

Emo rules

Our little Emory will be turning 1 year old in two weeks. This last year has flown by. Here are some of our new favorite things about Emory

1. He walks up to us and gives us hugs
2. He blows kisses
3. Gives kisses to his nephews
4.  He does hand motions to songs we sing like twinkle twinke little star and patty cake
5. He has 8 teeth
6. Loves singing in the microphone

7. Gets excited to brush his teeth
8. Still loves his stuff animal friends
9. He does this cutest little nose/eye squint when he is happy
10. He loves to eat paper but knows he isnt suppose to so he hands it to me instead (sometimes)
11. He shares his food but then does the "sike" move and puts it into his own mouth
12. He loves wearing shoes always
13. He lays his head on our shoulders. He would never do this as a baby
14. He is starting to drink through straws
15. He is sleeping all night long in his crib
16. His dimples...need i say more? so cute <3
17. His sweet little vioce when he says dada or mom
18. He waves hi and bye
19. He pretends to talk on the phone with his hand
20. He loves food of all kinds
21. He has discovered his tongue and thinks its really funny.
22. Love when we read books with him
23. how is hair keeps getting blonder and blonder
24. He only eats cherries that he picks out and gives me the ones i can eat
25. Loves playing on the computer
25. he smiles so huge when he sees himself on video
26. he pulls on my shirt when he wants "mommy yum yum?
27. He shakes his head yes and no
28. He bobbs his head when he hears music
29. He only eats if he can feed himself

Here is a video showing off his musical talents! We are proud parent.
 Oh how we love our boy <3