Monday, September 20, 2010

We are excited to announce....

We had the newest member of our family join us about two weeks ago. He is the tiniest, most precious boy. He is a three month old mini long haired wiener dog.We just came up with his name last night, Willow. Emory loves him, he finally has a best friend he can play with everyday. Emory is naturally gentle and soft with him. The best part is Willow love Emory back just as much, loves to cuddle and give smooches. Emory is learning how to share his time and toys with his new buddy. It's weird to think we could have this little guy for like 15 years! He truly is a new member of the family :) 

 Sorry some of the pictures are sideways. Call me retard :)



oh my goodness, jenn! that dog is so cute. and you, my dear, are so brave. ;)

jen'n'joe said...

its true, i am very brave, the bravest :) i practicing to see if i can handle another baby along with Emory. i think i can, i think i can.
It really hasnt been too bad, willow has been good to me.