Saturday, October 25, 2008

Creating a family

I consider now how amazing it is to feel gratefulness. Both gratefulness and consideration. I was thinking about maturity the other day, and how the first stages of life up to maybe early twenties, you learn "what works" in other words you base your judgment on what inevitably brings gain, convinces, a purpose, or at least come understand the things you desire. As you get a little older, begin to mature, you start to consider "what doesn't work" or in other words the things that do not ultimately satisfy your life's desires.
Understanding another persons feelings when speaking, is an ability marked by maturity and emotional intelligence. Self centered thought fails to comprehend the true nature of a conversation and or interaction between two individuals. For example, if the two of us, you and I, yes you the reader, were just casual acquaintances and we were talking about one of your friends or relatives. I have to understand no matter what, you will ultimately take the side of the person you care about(even if you don't express it aloud): therefore, if i talk ill of that person, it will just come back to be aggressive words toward me. We have to consider a larger picture to fully be part of a healthy society. Even if my points are good and well thought out, that person has no affinity toward me and will simply write my arguments off. It is all common knowledge, but it is something that we often fail to realize. A religious person might say certain elements of the gospel are "common sense" but it provides no ground that he follows them perfectly. I'm begging to gamble now, and i am quite sure that both conciseness and being economical are parts of being mature, something i have yet to achieve.
The other day i was driving alone in a small neighborhood at night. I would quickly turn by brights off when i saw oncoming cars. As i was passing a home i realized it may be bothering someone in the house, so i turned them off. I then thought, "what does it matter i don't know them, and will never see them again" a little moment meta-cognition reveled the ultimate stupidity of that sort of thinking and how, i don't want to be that guy. so i left them off. it's so easy to make self centered judgements and not realize it. Wish i could comprehend this concept on a greater plain.
joseph reni