Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wood cuteness

So the last couple of months i've started making little cute wooden paper pictures. I borrowed (some may say stole) some ideas from the petit collage website. It has lots of cute pictures but their stuff is too expensive for me so i decided to make my own.

As many of you know i am obsessed with owls so of course many are owl themed. Here is the Christmas present i made for my mom. Dont worry she wont see it, she's not that into blogs!

Here is one Joe made for adorable Dash.

here are couple more i have done.

They are lots of fun and cheap to make. All you need is paper, wood, and mod podge. Buttons are optional.

Joe has started a couple more really cute ones. They are very different from the ones above. They are going to be the cutest yet. I will post when they are complete!


Kayti said...

you guys are so talented! is it alright that i am a total creeper and found your darling blog?

we miss you guys and hope that all is well in sunny Florida.

jen'n'joe said...

HI guys!!! what's up cutie pie couple? We are so happy you are a total creeper and found us!

So i guess its winter out there. You should come visit us for health reasons. You could get rickets from lack of sunshine and that would be no fun. But we are fun and have sunshine. remember that. ponder the thought.