Monday, March 23, 2009


its about time I add something new, even though there are no pictures(pictures are really what makes non editorial blogs worth looking at) at lease i think that way. Jen is now about 5 months or so and getting huge. It is funny to see her body change as it prepares to give birth. She is still very skinny but she is getting round. Oh wait I do have  pictures to put up... pictures of the baby, one sec...
there we go. anyway the baby is cute and growing. He has been kicking a lot for the past three or more weeks. some days he is very active and you can see jen's belly moving around. It is fun to watch. She is handling it very well. As for me I am starting school at UCF this semester, originally I was going to USF but we decided we preferred to be in orlando area. Oh by the way, we are buying a house, I guess I could upload pictures of it too. But I'm tired and need to go to bed. I just wanted to say I love jen and am excited to have a family. OOh, more news, I got a job at the olive garden, I'm "part of the family" even though i guess the family I was already part of is more "italian" than the new one, but either way HOSPITALIANO! ha ha... and with that, I think i'll go to bed.
Joseph Reni


Aaron said...

oh joe, how i miss thou.