Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're Back!!!!!

Well its been over a year since we posted last. What can we say, its been busy. I had a baby, Joe got a new job, we have moved to Orlando, blah blah blah, and we are really bad at staying up to date with this thing. But, once again we will try.

We had a little baby boy!!! Emory Daniele is his name and we could not have asked for a better son. The first two weeks of his life we did not hear him cry once. We were a bit worried but we got over that and so did he :) He was born July 31, 2009. It was a long delivery, I pushed for two hours then they finally had to vacuum him out. He is growing so fast. He is already saying DADA and MAMA. He is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything! He is a BIG boy. Strong and happy. Here are some pictures from the last 8 months.

See, he is soo cute, right! He has blue eyes, blonde hair, big dimples, and the most precious smile and laugh. It is so funny, Emory has already been to as many places as I have in his short 8 month: Florida, Utah, Curacao, California, Tennessee, Georgia. Well I guess I have also been to Nevada and the Bahamas. He's been the traveling baby!

Joe has been super busy. He works full time for the government as a research psychologist, is going to school full time, working on his thesis, and still somehow finds time to be the best dad and husband. I don't know how he is juggling it all but he is pretty talented. He will be graduating in August then have a sementer off before he starts grad school.

We moved to Orlando about a month ago. It is only 4 miles away from Joe's work so we get to eat lunch everyday together! I really enjoy this. Before we moved, Joe would leave around 6 and not get home til 6 (we lived far away from his work!!!!) Now he leaves at 7:15 and gets home 4:15! I now right, pretty sweet! Sorry for using so many exclamation marks but its just so exciting, no other symbol seems to convey that excitment more than the exclamation mark!!!! see look, lets try the * key- "Pretty sweet huh***** " See it just doesnt work like "pretty sweet huh!!!!!!"

I love our apartment. It has two parks, a swimming pool, lots of sidewalks to ride our bikes on. Plus, it has a soda machine on the premise. I know sooooo bad, but soooo good. Joe gets his own little music room (hopefully he will have some free time so he can use it!). We are just loving out life and feeling blessed.

I'm not making any promises but i will give it my best effort to keep this blog alive.


Wendy said...

finally! an update!! woohooo! i love seeing pictures of dash's favorite cousin on his daddy's side. he's the cutest baby in the world, i mean it. we love you guys!
jake, wendy & dash

emily sparks said...

i think emory is the most adorable little boy & i LOVE LOVE LOVE his smile! i think he and penelope should be pen pals. thank you for the update.