Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So it's been three months...

and a lot happened. I wont bore you with every detail, just the big ones that really arent that big. The biggest one, Joe got into both graduate programs he applied to :) Im really proud of him. He is working so hard. He decided to go with an online program hoping it will work out better with work and family time. He is doing Human Computer Interaction. He just started yesterday and so far so good.

Two, I am now babysitting an 11 month old named Teagan. He is precious and seriously one of the best babies I have met! I got super lucky. Emory is learning to share and socialize. I am seeing lots of growth in both of them. It is fun to see. Im teaching Emory sign language and he understands amazingly! he catches on immediately. I just started this a couple days ago and he already signs please, i love you, and yum yum on a regular basis. In the words of my father "he is too cool".
Three, Josh, my brother, got married to his beautiful Daniela. We couldn't be happier!!

Christmas was awesome. Emory is obsessed with Toy Story. So of course being the enabling mother I am helped in his addiction by getting everything Toy Story I could find! He watches all three movies everyday and he has ALL the characters from the movies. We got to go to Disney and meet the real Buzz and Woody!

That is all for now. There is one more big event that is in the making. Its not official so I wont give details....yet!



what is it???? i'm so sad i missed you in fL. next time i'm stayimg for at least a month.=) you should have come shopping at my house for toy story stuff for emory. i, as you know, am also an enabling mother.;)

jen'n'joe said...

Yes, we are terrible at the whole getting together thing. We should really work on that. I think we are coming out to utah in March so start planning on a visit :)

I still cant tell the secret. Its not official yet :( But hopefully soon!