Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally and update about life

First, and most exciting, we are expecting a little baby girl in November. I am five months along and expanding more and more everyday. I think I am almost as big now as the day I delivered Emory, i'm sure my memory serves me incorrectly. We are very excited that finally a girl will be joining our family. I was terribly sick for 12 weeks, lying in bed or throwing up was all I could do. But once week 18 came I started to become alive again and oh how I appreciate feeling better. We are really liking the name Fedora Miko. Fedora is Joe's grandmothers name and Miko is what my dad wanted to name me but my mom refused :( Growing up I always wished I had been named Miko so hopefully my little one will love it as well. Who knows if that name will stick in the next four months but for now that is who she is.

Second, we bought a new house in Orlando. I love it and it is treating us well. Here are some pics:

This is my living room. Yes, I know my collage is unbalanced but I need to get a few more things to add to it :)
 Still my living room

Love my kitchen

Family room

 Sewing corner

Emory's playroom/back porch

This past weekend was my nephew Joben's birthday so we celebrated with them at the Nickelodeon Hotel. It worked out perfectly because we wanted to take Emory there for his birthday, which is next week. The room was Sponge Bob themed and we got to eat breakfast with all of favorite characters : )

 For the 4th of July my mom rented a condo for a week on Delray Beach. It was beautiful and tons of fun but very tiring. It was a quaint  little place and had big lizards running around outside that Emo loved. We got to spend aat alot of time with my nephews. Joe only got to stay a couple days before returning to work but we got to see the fireworks together.

 This was a cool looking flower we found while on a walk. It was on a vine all alone so we brought it home and Emory kept it company all day long.


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