Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm a sewing machine

I had never sewn in my life until this year when my mom got me a sewing machine! I have always been very intimidated of this complicated looking device. To my surprise, and Joe teaching me, I find sewing to be very entertaining and not at all as technical as I once thought. I began practicing sewing paper. I figured it would be cheaper and easier to throw away when I messed up. I started first with patchwork quilting. Joe bought me a couple quilting books that were educational and lead me, so kindly, step by step the while way through from cutting squares to the finishing binding. My first project was the below quilt and I love it!! The colors and flowers turned out perfect and I was pretty impressed with my beginner skills. 

 Then I decided to make another quilt for my baby girl on the way. I wanted it to have a bit of Asian influence because her middle name is Japanese inspired, a gift for me and my dad!

My next sewing project is going to be adorable baby girl cloths and shows to match her blankets! I have some material left over so it will be the perfect solution.