Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Photos

For Emory's birthday my Aunt Cindy volunteered to take some family photos. I love them. I owe her, Nat, and Lauren a HUGE thank you because it was at least 100 degrees with a bright and sunny sky that day. Also Emory was a trooper through the whole shoot. Here are a few of my favorites. When I say few I really mean lots. Im  a very indecisive person so all of them are my favorite :)  


♥You+Me=Us♥ said...

You were ALWAYS meant to be a mommy. And a dang good one!
<3 you forever

J Reni said...

Oh Gaby I miss you! You and your cute boyfriend come and visit me. please.

Gaby said...

Of course! We will have to! Andrew has a little girl and maybe we'll have to go visit and all of us go to Disney World!! :)